Sunday, July 12, 2015

Oh poo.
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Thanks peoples.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

still here chief

dear people are wonderful,

Sorry dahling, of course people are still wonderful.
I've been hanging out at lately.
She seems to have some good things to say.
I still love you absolutely.
I shall return.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This morning on the news, the reporter was describing the scene and how people were piling into a pick-up with their shovels and gloves. Someone said "thanks for coming out." "We're here to help" was the reply.

To me that phrase sums up my belief in humanity. We probably see examples of this all the time, but maybe we should try to notice it more.

Even the dinkiest, most teeny tiny morsel of care and giving and thought and heart should be applauded and recognized and appreciated. Even if only quietly in our own hearts and minds.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Western Mass. Farmers We Love You

If you have found your way to this website by purchasing a sticker to benefit our farmers............ I thank-you.

When the flooding happened after Hurricane Irene last August, my first thoughts were for the farmers and the utter heartbreak they must have felt. I've written about how many farms there are in our Valley and plenty are within 2 miles from my house. The flooding swept away the topsoil and left a sandy silt that was almost mocking in its complete coverage of where that gorgeous rich soil had been.

The remainder of the summer crops and the entire fall crops were gone. Just gone.

CISA then created the Emergency Farm Fund. They secured donations and several farms are now receiving money from this fund. The fund was created to assist with this natural disaster by providing loans to our farmers with excellent, excellent terms for repaying the loan. It is a fund that will be ongoing for future weather events and the like.

CISA is Community Involved In Sustaining Agriculture and I am so happy they exist. Wunderbar!

All money received from the sales of my stickers will go to this fund. Every single penny. So while the price of the sticker starts at one dollar, PLEASE feel free to give more. My Mom bought one for ten dollars.You can buy one(or 10) at Wholefoods in Hadley and hopefully this summer many, many farm stands will be rocking the donation jar. It would be nice to see them on cars through-out the Valley as not only monetary support for our farmers, but visually, I think it could pack a nice wallop if a farmer is driving behind you and sees your wonderfully nifty sticker.

Thanks amigos.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

92 addendum time

To add to post # 91 are the following beloved rescued pets.

Bowser, Batman and Peanut
Daisy, Gus and Juno

And oh my goodness, I beg your forgiveness Deb and Lori in Pennsylvania.

How dare I omit the beautiful, the lovely, the wonderful.....

SUNNY LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daughter of my beautiful, lovely and wonderful dog Betty.

And Scuba. One of Betty's boys.

Just sitting here pondering pets is a good use of my time, I daresay.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

91 ( if I left anyone out, you bet your sweet pa-tootie I'll amend it)

They come from all over.

Blue Lake, Ca.
Waikoloa, Hi.
Malang, Indonesia
Joliet, Fl.
Hillsboro, Ga.
Adelaide, Australia
North Glenn, Co.
Bogota, Colombia
Oklahoma City, Ok.
Knoxville, Tn.
Springville, Al.

They come with names that are kept or that are changed to more suit their new surroundings. Their new beginnings.

Some names are:  Sox, Abby, Sharona, Baxter, Lucy, Adolfo, Diamond, Daisy, Lily and the list goes on and on.

They come as seniors or feral. They are one-eyed, mangy, deaf, stray, heart worm positive, pregnant, underweight and of three legs. They are survivors of puppy mills and fight rings. They have been physically abused, thrown from cars, spent years in shelters and  just plain given up.

Then they were adopted.

To a warm home, a loving caress, a soft bed, fresh water and food served in bowls just for them. Sunny spots for napping, room to run, car rides! Our voices speak to them with all the love that we can possibly contain without bursting. We feel deep respect for their courage and ability to give love as well as receive it, even if so,so warily at first.

Every curve of the Earth holds people who rescue these special animals, from the shelter worker to the actual physical rescue from puppy mills and disaster areas. The foster families, the cage cleaners, those who give hourly feedings. And the adopters. Opening their homes to provide safety and security for those who either never had such things or had them and circumstances removed them from such a place.You let your hearts break wide open for this animal because it is just what you do.

We applaud these diligent and magnificent people, for they are wonderful.

Here in my most beloved Western Massachusetts, our valley abounds with them.

Here is just a sampling of those who were saved.

Bailey and Bella
Beulah, Franklin and Smudge
Virgil, Smokey, Bandit, Bloo, Mr Popo, Butters
Mookie, Reyes, Googs and Leila
Caesar, Pudgy and Cocoa
Luke, Anya, Patches Magee
Jojo and Roxy
Getty, Asparagus, Monkey, Leopard, Licorice, Noogie, Bijoux, Spider, Pele, Earth, Mario (all in one home)
Scout again
Mister Biscuit
Boo Boo and Betty
Sage and The Dude
Mona and Isaac
Hank and Shenandoah
Jessie and Ozzie
Taco, Betty, Mama, Ellie, Pierre and Louise.

All so loved. All so lucky.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm not sure how many have seen the video or even heard about this story.

A man in Utah was on his motorcycle.
He was cut off by a car.
He saw it coming and laid down his bike on the road.
The bike hit the car and he slid underneath.
The bike caught on fire.

You should watch the video. It's on You Tube. It's so scary how long he was under before help came.

But help came. They came running. One man tried to lift the car by himself. Then everyone rushes in and the car is lifted and he is pulled out. They lifted a hot metal burning car off this man.

When I saw interviews with several of his rescuers, I kept hearing the same theme repeated. HUMANITY.
They said it was human instinct to help. They said it was a human response.

It fills me to the brim to hear this. I know we are all connected to each other on this Earth and to see this in action makes my heart soar.